Artesian Source

the deepest in Europe

At 808 meters deep, this natural mineral water from the legendary city of water, Aix-en-Provence, preserves all it’s virtues. The appellation of water 808 derives from it’s geological features.

Since the foundations of Aix by the roman Consul Caius Sextius in the 1st Century, the millennial mineral springs emerge from the Sainte-Victoire mountain, so dear to Cezanne and Picasso.

Our water 808 traverses protective geological layers of this legendary mountain such as Urgonian limestones which makes it’s minerality unique, extraordinary and refreshing. The water is also surprisingly soft.

To preserve the outstanding features of our mineral water 808 and to enhance our commitment to the environment preservation, we have made a choice to use recyclable glass bottles.

Unique Signature

A labelling that accentuates the water’s purity.
A bottle deserving of the most prestigious tables setting.
An optional packaging of three bottles for an elegant
and easy distribution in gourmet corners.

Classic offer

An Elegant glass bottle that is recyclable and has unique design
which highlights its exceptionality and refinement.
A delicate and balanced palate, the subtly sparkling version
that brings a refreshing and teasing lightness to this pure water.
808 easily accompanies daily meals, as well as the finest dishes.
The water exists in 3 different variants:
“naturally still”, “subtely sparkling” and “very sparkling”.

Diamond offer

The elegant glass bottle with it’s
pure design and it’s Diamond stopper
will bring a luxurious touch to your table.
3 differents offerings:
« Naturally still», blue Diamond
« Subtely sparkling», green Diamond
« Very sparkling», copper Diamond

Exclusive offer

Your bottle personalized :

To give value to your service of water,

the label and Diamond stopper may be

customized to match your colors

and your brand (upon request available

for orders of 6 000 bottles or more).

Mineral content mg/l:

SODIUM (Na) 16,9
Nitrates (NO3) 0
SILICE (Si) 11,4
FER (Fe) 0,016
RESIDU SEC à 180°C 310
PH 7,6

Exceptional millennial water

Pure and untouched,
808 is brought forth from the deepest source
where no form of pollution
has tainted its unique purity.
Vital for health,
808 is rare water with it's exceptional lightly mineralised concentration
and with a remarkable 0 Nitrate content.
808, due to it's richness in manganese,
silica, sulfates and iron participates
in the production of collagen, anti-aging, immun-stimulating.