808 by AZZARO

A new alliance of an exeptional water and the prestigious brand Azzaro.

Loris AZZARO has always had a passion for sustainable fashion and environment preservation.

He has long been aware of the importance of protecting and sanctifying an ecosystem unique in the world, dedicated to Luxury and Nature, based on the choice of partners committed to sustainable development in order to promote the French way of life.

This innovative approach requires exceptional closeness and complicity, and even an emotional connection with all partners who are aware of the environmental issues to be addressed in the future.

In this avant-garde spirit, Société Loris Développement (with the institut Loris Azzaro) and the société SEEMPA concluded a partenership to ensures the marketing of products from the earth, of a very high quality guaranteed by the excellence of French know-how.

Artesian Source

the deepest in Europe

At 808 meters deep, this natural mineral water from the legendary city of water, Aix-en-Provence, preserves all it’s virtues. The appellation of water 808 derives from it’s geological features.

Since the foundations of Aix by the roman Consul Caius Sextius in the 1st Century, the millennial mineral springs emerge from the Sainte-Victoire mountain, so dear to Cezanne and Picasso.

Our water 808 traverses protective geological layers of this legendary mountain such as Urgonian limestones which makes it’s minerality unique, extraordinary and refreshing. The water is also surprisingly soft.

To preserve the outstanding features of our mineral water 808 and to enhance our commitment to the environment preservation, we have made a choice to use recyclable glass bottles.

Classic offer by Azzaro

an Elegant glass bottle that is recyclable and has unique design which highlights its exceptionality and refinement. a delicate and balanced palate, the subtly sparkling version that brings a refreshing and teasing lightness to this pure water. 808 easily accompanies daily meals, as well as the finest dishes.
the water exists in 3 different variants :
Naturally still, subtely sparkling and very sparkling currently available in 75 cl and 40 cl in june 2020

Diamond offer By Azzaro

The elegant glass bottle with it's pure design and it's Diamond stopper will bring a luxurious touch to your table. 3 differents offerings :
Naturally still, blue Diamond
Subtely sparkling, black Diamond
Very sparkling, copper Diamond Available in 75 cl.

Composition minéralisation mg/l :

SODIUM (Na) 16,9
Nitrates (NO3) 0
SILICE (Si) 11,4
RESIDU SEC à 180°C 246
PH 7,6

Eau millénaire d'exception

Intacte et Pure,
808 est si profondément puisée
qu’aucune forme de pollution n’est venue l’altérer.
Vitale pour la santé,
808 est une eau rare
avec une composition
physico-chimique exceptionnelle
faiblement minéralisée
et une teneur en Nitrates égale à 0.
808, par sa teneur en manganèse,
silice, sulfates et fer
participe à la production
de collagène anti-âge et immunostimulant.


Institute LORIS AZZARO is involving in partnership with SEEMPA company (Aix-en-provence, France) to offer as a first step, 100,000 bottles of water to health centers.

In order to support medical staff and patients affected by virus Covid-19, foundation’s “ LORIS AZZARO Institute” announces with its partner SEEMPA (Aix-en-provence, France), producer of “Eaux 808 by Azzaro”, a first free delivery of 100,000 bottles which will be delivered from March 31st in a selection of health centers.

Toulouse, 03/20/2020.

Loris Azzaro institute (eponymous foundation from the famous fashion designer for humanitarian, charitable and environmental purposes) launched a support operation “pure water for hospitals” aimed at offering pallets of pure water bottles to health centers in most affected areas by virus Covid-19: l’Oise, Mulhouse and Parisian region (La Pitié-Salpêtrière, Necker, Georges-Pompidou European Hospital, etc.)

The first health centers contacted, are very sensitive from this support to delivery pallets of pure water bottles.

This first delivery wave is done in partnership with SEEMPA company, producer of water 808 by AZZARO in Aix-en-Provence. SEEMPA factory will specially reopen its doors next week (from March 24) to bottle this first batch of 100,000 bottles of mineral water.

Weakly mineralized and coming from the deepest artesian source in Europe, “808 mineral water by AZZARO” is exempted from all kind of nitrates and pesticides.

The purpose of this approach is:

– Allow patients to benefit from quality water and exceptional purity good for health

– Thank healthcare teams in France.

Currently, another action is already being organized in order to be able to deliver all university hospitals in France.

Jérôme DUCROS as President of LORIS AZZARO Institute and Michel SCOTTO, CEO of SEEMPA company are delighted to join their means and motivation for this united action.

About Loris Azzaro Institute,

Loris Azzaro, atypical creator with globally recognized talent and humanist visionary, has always been concerned with environmental and societal issues. This is why since 2006 Loris Azzaro Institute has continued its actions on its behalf, in favor of development aid, protection of the environment and biodiversity.

The actions of Loris Azzaro Institute hinge on around three main foundations, humanitarian aid, environmental education and eco-construction, putting Nature and Human at the heart of current concerns.

Based in Toulouse, Loris Azzaro Institute has existed since 2006 and presided by Mr. Jérôme DUCROS.

About Seempa and water 808 by AZZARO,

“808 by Azzaro” mineral water owes its name to its geological characteristics as this water is extracted from an artesian source 808 meters underground in Aix-en-Provence. It has been conserving its virtues for 1000 years without being impacted by pollution. This water passes through all the layers of urgonian limestone of the mythical Saint Victoire mountain which renders its minerality unique

It is a rare water, with an exceptional physico-chemical composition, without nitrates, without pesticides, which are the result of the artesian deposit. To preserve its rare qualities of purity and as part of Seempa’s commitment to the environment, “808 by Azzaro” natural mineral water is bottled in 99% recyclable glass.

The company and the bottling plant is based in Aix- en-Provence and managed by Mr. Michel SCOTTO.